Designed to be not only Safe, but also Functional

Custom Cages – Safety is our first concern!

  • Custom Cages, (1/3rd-also known as half cages), are patented by the manufacturer in design and concept. Cages are custom designed and built for cars, SUVs, and pickups.
  • Custom Cages barrier cage frames are constructed of 1′ x 1″ x 1/8th” angle steel. Each frame is made of one piece of steel, formed into a specific shape and welded securely.
  • Custom Cages barrier screens are of one-piece flat-expanded metal and 16 ga. sheet steel, cut to fit the respective frame. The screens are welded on all points of contact to the barrier frames. The screens and brackets are then painted. *** All cages are supplied with instructions and all mounting brackets and fasteners ***
  • WARNING!!!! Suspects should always be searched and secured in the caged area and seat-belted with the factory installed restraining device. Suspect’s hands should be secured behind their backs. Suspects should never be attached to the barrier or vehicle with any other restraining devices.

All of Custom Cage vehicle applications are designed to be not only safe, but also functional.

The employees of Custom Cage want to see every officer finish their shift and go home to their families. We also wish to maintain a degree of comfort for the driver, and to allow room for equipment organization.